Forthcoming Books in 2025

In 2025, Professor Beckwith will be releasing two new books:

Defending Life: Law, Morality, and the Abortion Debate, second edition (Cambridge University Press).

A revised edition of his 2007 book, it makes the moral, legal, and political case for the prolife position on abortion: because the prenatal human being, from the moment of conception, is a full-fledged member of the human community and is thus a subject of rights, most, though not all, intentional terminations of pregnancy are cases of unjustified homicide. Given the acrimonious nature of the abortion debate, and the increasing and unhealthy polarization in our politics and popular culture, the author makes his case with an eye toward helping abortion-choice progressives better understand why many of their fellow citizens do not embrace a liberal position on abortion and to help prolife conservatives to better appreciate why their progressive compatriots think they are mistaken about abortion.

A Catholic Engagement with Latter-day Saints (edited with Richard Sherlock) (Ignatius Press).  

This a collection of essays by Catholic scholars on a variety of topics relevant to Catholic-LDS differences.  Contributors include Beckwith, Sherlock, Alexander Pruss, James Hitchcock, Rachel Lu, and Matthew Levering.