essays in popular venues

The following is a list of some of Professor Beckwith’s non-academic writing and features.  Access any one of them by clicking the title. 

Lemon v. Kurtzman at 50.” Law & Liberty (1 June 2021)

“The Censorship of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the Unbooking of Ryan T. Anderson.”  Public Discourse (17 March 2021)

Was the American Founding a philosophical fait accompli?” The Catholic World Report (3 July 2020)

“Bad (Though Not Entirely Bad) Pro-Life Arguments.” Public Discourse (14 January 2019)

“Why Bob Dylan’s Genius is Biblical.” National Catholic Register (28 September 2017)

“Why Are We Worried About Bob Dylan’s Religion?” Crux (31 July 2017)

“Stranger In a Strange Land.” Inside Higher Ed  (5 July 2017)

“Political Liberalism, Religious Liberty, and Christian Higher Education.” Symposium on Religious Liberty and Christian Higher Education.  Two Kingdoms Network (Concordia University, Nebraska) (1 February 2017) 

“Religious Liberty After Locke.” Law & Liberty (7 November 2016)

“The Purpose of Politics.” Baylor Magazine (Fall 2016)

“Learning, Dialogue, and the Responsibility of the Listener.” The Catholic Thing (16 August 2016)

“Conservatism at the Crossroads.” The Catholic Thing (9 June 2016)

“Religious Belief, Religious Liberty, and the Art of Taking Rites Seriously.” Law & Liberty (27 May 2016)

“Remembering My Father.” The Catholic Thing (18 February 2016)

“Why Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God.” The Catholic Thing (7 January 2016)

“Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?,The Catholic Thing (17 December 2015)

“Baylor at the Crossroads.” First Things (10 November 2015)

“J.R.R. Thomas Chesterton of Hippo?” The Catholic World Report (7 December 2012)  

“The God-Haunted Atheism of Christopher Hitchens.” The Catholic Thing (23 December 2011)