Dusty Skies
Find me in the dusty skies.
I’m the truth that never lies.
Something giant, yet so small.
I’m obvious but hard to show.
I live in waters made of dust.
Go and touch them if you must.
Many scales will emerge at once,
moving whirls in chaotic dance.
But in search for greater order
one can put them in a border,
then hidden symmetry will shine
and dust in boulders will combine.
For the foreign world intersection
I’m not a difference but connection.
Whole new world through my eyes:
dusty boulders, dusty waters, dusty skies.
To the CASPER Research Groups.

This picture was taken during the last experiment with PK-3 Plus on the International Space Station. IT reminds me of a distance interstellar space, where new worlds are born. Image source: https://phys.org/news/2013-11-plasma-crystal.html