§ Tips For Students


“Keys to the Kingdom: An Analysis of Resources for Matching Students to Scholarship in British Higher Education.” Paper published in the Proceedings from National Association of Fellowship Advisors National Conference by University of Arkansas Press, summer 2004.

Some documents written and uploaded for the A & S website are as follows:

“The Life You Create While in College.” This is a checklist of issues for students to consider related to interests, talents, major fields of study and career goals.

“Where Am I Going from Here?” This is a document to help students look toward graduate school and suggests “next best steps” to consider on that journey.

“Personal Statements: A Cautionary Tale.” This is a worksheet on how to begin to write an essay that will effectively present a student’s values, goals, and skills in a compelling way.

“Guidelines for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation.” This document provides an overview of tips to help students understand the protocol involved in asking for recommendation letters.