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Recent Articles by Elizabeth Vardaman:

Crowding the Hours, Sending Out Light (pdf)
A devotion to service is the still point in the turning world of these student leaders.

From Joy to Joy to Joy
Remembering the English professor, Elizabeth Smith Githens, who made all the difference.

Mornings at Baylor: Sights and sounds of the campus on an ordinary school day (pdf)

Fellowships 101: The Cake, Kumalo, and the Gold (pdf)
A reflection on why the process of applying for national/international scholarships, win or lose, is worth the effort.

Postscript: Saying Goodbye to Seniors I Love (pdf)

Heart of the Campus: Burleson Quadrangle’s Charm and Story (pdf)

Baylor Magazine’s Report of Trip to Britain

Earlier Presentations:

“Fellowships 101: The Cake, Kumalo, and the Gold,” Collegium 2002, 10 – 16.

“Postscript,” Collegium, 2001: 36. “Nancy Twiss 101: A Course in Transformation,” Keynote address at National Association of Fellowship Advisers national meeting, June 22, 2001. Published in NAFA Newsletter, on World Wide Web at http://www.fiu.edu/~beestb/3_news.html

“Open Letter from the Dean’s Office,” The Journey Begins: Orientation for New Students and Parents 2001 – 2002: 4-6.

“Heart of the Campus,” Collegium, 2000: 28.

“The Ballad of John Baugh So Far,” Appendix in Tom Kennedy’s From Waco to Wall Street: The Story of John Baugh,” The Sysco Kid.” Publishers: 2000: 261 – 63.

“Among Friends: Cup of Cheer for Hope, Healing, Dreams,” Waco Tribune Herald 25 December, 1999: 11A.

“A Bookstore Conversation.” Collegium, 1999: 13-14.

“Right Cup of Tea Can Indeed Change World.” Waco Tribune Herald 4 Feb. 1999: 11A.

“Homecoming in a Page from Mrs. Githens.” Waco Tribune Herald 7 Nov. 1998: 11A.

“Get to Know your Planet Better at Frog Crossing.” Waco Tribune Herald 20 June 1998: 11A.

“Dorothy Scarborough: Serving Elsewhere as Here.” Collegium, Summer 1998: 12-13.

“Westminster Abbey, A Chapel of Tolerance.” Waco Tribune Herald Oct. 1997: 11A.

“Baylor Needs Dance Partner.” Waco Tribune Herald 31 Jan. 1996: 11A.

“As Waters Crest, Baylor Visitors Savor New Found Friends.” Waco Tribune Herald 9 Feb. 1995: 9A.

“Do Something to Mark Season of Sadness.” Waco Tribune Herald 5 June 1993: 11A.

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Letter.” Baylor Line, Spring 1993: 46-49.

“Lost and Found: A Rainbow’s End along Highway 84.” Waco Tribune Herald 28 Nov. 1992: 15A.

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