Doug Nesmith received a B.S. in Agronomy, 1980 and a M.S. in Soil Fertility, 1983 from Texas A&M University. He conducted soil fertility/chemistry research in the Southern High Plains of Texas focusing on soil test correlation for thirty years.  He also studied GPS guided fertilizer placement, precision agriculture and remote sensing including hyper-spectral photography as related to plant stress.  He conducted research with USAID to improve the nutrient use efficiency of grain sorghum varieties in Mali, West Africa.  He also served as Field Research Manager of the Texas AgriLife Research Center in Halfway, Texas, (Texas A&M University) where the focus was on sustainable irrigation application, including subsurface drip and low energy precision application (LEPA) as it relates to all crop production practices including fertility, pathology, weed control and crop breeding. Mr. Nesmith supervises the Environmental Science graduate teaching assistants and teaches Exploring Environmental Issues, (ENV 1301) and Community Gardens; Growing a Community (PPS1100).  He also serves as the Baylor Community Garden Advisor with the Campus Kitchen Organization. The Campus Kitchen at Baylor University (CKBU) is a student-led organization whose work focuses on minimizing food waste and alleviating hunger in the Waco community.  CKBU is an affiliate of the national Campus Kitchens Project and is one of 63 schools nationwide to run a Campus Kitchen.  As one of two Campus Kitchens currently established in the state of Texas, CKBU is proud to work alongside other schools, organizations, and individuals to make a difference in the fight against hunger and food insecurity.