About Us

Abigail Bodeau is a ph.d. student at Baylor university in old testament.  her research focuses on old testament prophecy.

David Basher –

Christina Olson is a PH.D student at baylor University. Her research Focuses on concepts of Death and afterlife as evidenced in both the biblical text and the archaeological record.

Clay Smith is a ph.d. student at Baylor university. His research focuses primarily upon the sociology of worship in the iron age Southern levant.

Cara Forney isa a ph.d student at baylor university. Her research interests include: the psalter, the Asaphite psalms, divine presence and absence in the psalms, and gender studies in the hebrew bible.

Tyler Mowry is a Ph.D. student at Baylor University. His research interests include: compositional history of the DtrH and emerging pedagogical methods.

Deirdre Fulton (Supervisor) is an Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Baylor University who specializes in the history, literature, and archaeology of the late Iron II through Hellenistic periods.