Dan Peppe, Associate Professor

Dan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Baylor University.

Dan’s CV [pdf]

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Contact: daniel_peppe at





Andrew Flynn, PhD student

Andrew’s dissertation is focused on reconstructing the flora, paleoclimate, and paleocology of the Early Paleocene Ojo Alamo Sandstone and Nacimiento Formation in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA.


Contact: andrew_flynn at



Aly Baumgartner, PhD student

Aly’s dissertation is focused on assessing the relationship between the size and shape of leaves and climate in modern African floras in order to develop a paleoclimate proxy that can be applied to African fossil leaves. Aly is also assessing how climate and development affect leaf morphology in several species of Vitis.


Contact: aly_baumgartner at



Joe Milligan, PhD student

Joe’s research is focused on reconstructing atmospheric CO2 in the early and middle Paleocene using fossil leaves from the Nacimiento Formation in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA.



Contact: joseph_milligan at




Adam Davis, MS student


 Adam is using alluvial stacking pattern analyses, sedimentology, and paleosol analyses in the early Paleocene Nacimiento Formation to assess extrinsic vs. intrinsic controls on changes in depositional environments across the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA.


Contact: adam_davis1 at



Jenn Wagner, MS student

Jenn’s research is focused on the Paleocene and Eocene floras of the Gulf Coastal Plain in Central Texas.

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Lab Alumni

Caitlin Leslie (PhD graduate)


now Geologist at Pioneer Natural Resources






Emily Beverly (PhD graduate)

now NSF Postdoctoal Fellow at University of Michigan [website]





  Lauren Michel (PhD graduate)

now Assistant Professor in Earth Sciences at Tennessee Tech [website]




Kennedy Oginga (MS student)

now Wellsite Geologist at Columbine Logging, Inc. [website]

MS Thesis




Casee Lemons (MS graduate)

now at Texas Bureau of Economic Geology [website]

MS Thesis



Alex Van Plantinga (MS graduate)

now Postdoctoral Research Fellow at George Mason University [website]

MS Thesis






Undergraduate BS Thesis students

Michaela Donahoo, BS 2018, now graduate student at TCU

Tyler Leggett, BS 2017, now graduate student at Baylor University

Jeannie Freeman, BS 2017, [linkedin]

Brittany Abbuhl, BS 2016, MS graduate of Colorado School of Mines, [linkedin]

Mike Loudermilk, BS 2015, now Party Chief at Maples & Associates Surveyors, [linkedin]

Nicky Arellano, BS 2015, now graduate student at Oregon State University, [website], [honors thesis]

Will Fenley, BS 2014, now Geologist at Saunders Oil and Gas [linkedin]

Mark McCollum, BS 2013, now Oil and Gas Technical Specialist at Railroad Commission of Texas, [linkedin]

Dillon DeGarmo, BS 2103, now Geologist at Apache Corporation, [linkedin]

Blake Taylor, BS 2013,  now Forecasting Analyst at National Oilwel Varco, [linkedin]

Will Horner, BS 2012, now Geologist at Anadarko, [linkedin]

Lynsday DiPietro, BS 2011, now PhD candidate at Baylor University, [Researchgate]