Dan Peppe, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director

Dan Peppe

Dan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Baylor University.

Dan’s CV [pdf]

Google Scholar,, Publons

Contact: daniel_peppe at


Sifan Koriche, Postdoctoral Researcher

Sifan Koriche head shotSifan’s research is focused on climate modeling of past, present, and future climates and on hydrological process modeling. At Baylor, Sifan will be working on a climate and hydrological modeling project on Lake Victoria’s past, present, and future climate.

Sifan’s Website

Contact: sifan_koriche at


Joe Milligan, PhD student

Joe’s research is focused on understanding how light availability effect cell morphology in Sycamores and on reconstructing light environments and atmospheric CO2 in the early and middle Paleocene using fossil leaves from the Nacimiento Formation in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA.

Contact: joseph_milligan at


Kahsay Nugsse Tesfay, PhD student

Kahsay Nugsse Tesfay Kahsay’s research is focused on using paleomagnetism, tectonics, and geochronology to reconstruct the late Miocene – Pleistocene history of the Afar Depressions in Ethiopia.

Contact: KahsayNugsse_Tesfay1 at


Danielle Gygi, MS student

Danielle GygiDanielle’s research is focused on assessing middle Paleocene fossil plant communities and paleoclimate in the Nacimiento Formation in the San Juan Basin in New Mexico.

Contact: danielle_gygi1 at


Jie Geng, MS student


Venanzio Munyaka, MS student


Des Thorne, MS student


Lab Alumni


Andrew Flynn (PhD graduate)

Postdoctoral Research at the University of Houston [website]




Aly Baumgartner, PhD student

Collections Manager of Paleontology at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History [website]




Adam Davis (MS graduate)


QA/QC Inspector at Wood [website]

MS thesis



Jenn Wagner (MS student)

PhD student in Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley [website]

MS thesis



Caitlin Leslie (PhD graduate)


Geologist at Pioneer Natural Resources [website]






Emily Beverly (PhD graduate)

Assistant Professor, University of Houston [website]




  Lauren Michel (PhD graduate)

Assistant Professor in Earth Sciences at Tennessee Tech [website]



Kennedy Oginga (MS student)

Wellsite Geologist at Terra Guidance, Inc. [website]

MS Thesis



Casee Lemons (MS graduate)

Director of Geosciences at Sourcewater, Inc. [website]

MS Thesis



Alex Van Plantinga (MS graduate)

Research Analyst at Riverside Technology Inc. [website]

MS Thesis






Undergraduate BS Thesis students

Jie Geng, BS 2019, graduate student at Baylor University

Michaela Donahoo, BS 2018, graduate student at TCU [website]

Tyler Leggett, BS 2017, graduate student at University of Pittsburg [website]

Jeannie Freeman, BS 2017

Brittany Abbuhl, BS 2016, OSP Engineer- GIS Solutions [linkedin]

Mike Loudermilk, BS 2015

Nicky Arellano, BS 2015, graduate student at University of Houston [honors thesis] [website]

Will Fenley, BS 2014, Director Of Business Development at Intrepid Potash [linkedin]

Mark McCollum, BS 2013, Geology & Regulatory Specialist at Verdun Oil Company [linkedin]

Dillon DeGarmo, BS 2103, Geologist at Apache Corporation [linkedin]

Blake Taylor, BS 2013, Senior Business Analyst at Able Grid Energy Solutions [linkedin]

Will Horner, BS 2012, Associate Geoscientist, Scotiabank [linkedin]

Lynsday DiPietro, BS 2011, Visiting Lecturer, Baylor University [Researchgate]