At Baylor University

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Spring 2016: Sabbatical. Yippie!

Fall 2015: MTH 3323 (Introduction to Analysis), MTH 2311 (Linear Algebra)

Spring 2015: MTH 4327 (Advanced Calculus II), MTH 5V92 (Graduate Research: Orthogonal Polynomials), MTH 5V92 (Graduate Reseach: The Cauchy Transform)

Fall 2014: MTH 2311 (Linear Algebra),  MTH 4326 (Advanced Calculus I), MTH 5V92 (Graduate Research: Orthogonal Polynomials)

Spring 2014: MTH 5323 (Theory of Functions of Real Variables I)

Fall 2013: MTH 2311 (Linear Algebra), MTH 5323 (Theory of Functions of Real Variables I)

Spring 2013: MTH 2311 (Linear Algebra), MTH 4V90 (Undergraduate Research: Discrete Random Matrices)

Fall 2012: MTH 1309 (2 sections Business Calculus)

For my teaching experience at Brown University, at Texas A&M University, and at the Universitaet Stuttgart…

… confer to the last page of my CV.