Hannah Whittaker

My name is Hannah Whittaker. I’m currently a Cell and Molecular Biology Major and a Studio Art Minor. I’m from Sabetha, KS. I’m grateful to be a part of the Kearney Lab, and for the opportunity to work on the mosquitocidal nectar project. I believe the mosquitocidal nectar project is very important to improve global health, help the areas impacted by disease-carrying mosquitoes, and reduce the pesticide impact on the environment. I’m thrilled to be a part of a team that aims to help those around the world. I plan to graduate from Baylor in May of 2024. After graduation, I hope to attend medical school and use my knowledge from this lab in my future career.  

Mary Mersereau

My name is Mary Mersereau, and I’m from Jacksonville, FL. I am a Science Research Fellows Major, concentrating in Genetics and Molecular Biology.  I am grateful to be working on our Mosquito Evolution Project. Our approach to combating mosquito carried disease has the potential to greatly improve global health without harming the environment. This is exciting work, and the Kearney Lab has introduced me to many interesting areas of study. Following graduation in May 2024, I plan on pursuing a PhD in Microbiology. I know my time in the Kearney Lab will be extremely valuable as I pursue this path.


My name is Harrison Wu, and I am a Biochemistry major and Mathematics, Physics, and Biology minor from Plano, Texas. I am graduating in May 2023 and pursuing graduate school for biophysics and computational biology. Right now, I am working on the mosquito evolution project, as well as my own project on the linker sequence of our mosquitocidal peptides, which I am looking forward to developing on top of learning the lab techniques we use.