Description: Snyder: SURVEY OF TOP SELLING SACRED CHORAL MUSIC: MUSIC TO BREAK UP THE OCTAVO RUT A recent survey of the top-selling sacred works of the past decade revealed many lesser-known works. So often in churches, we get stuck using the same pieces, styles, or composers. While this may result from the quick turnaround needed in churches, this session explores some works for the advancing church and school choir to put on your radar. More than just a reading session, these top-sellers from across different publishers will break up the rut of the usual octavo to add interest and enrichment to your choral program and worship.

McGough: A YEAR OF NEW MUSIC: PRACTICAL 21ST CENTURY WORKS FOR THE CHURCH CHOIR Being a music minister in the 21st century can be quite the daunting task for many reasons. One especially prescient problem is the absolute bottomless abyss of music that can be found for purchase online. This paper will provide a jumping off point for the church musician who wants to find recent music of higher artistic merit that can work functionally and practically for the liturgical needs of the church and the artistic and educational needs of the volunteer choral ensemble.