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Jacob and Sarah Sensenig - Leadership Session: Calling (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Join Jacob and Sarah Sensenig for the final episode in our leadership series for camp 2020. Jacob and Sarah will discuss how we discern a calling to serve in ministry and what next steps might look like for each of you.   (More)
James Cheesman - Devotional (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Who is the master of the universe? Do you live out the reality that God is on the throne and that He is in control? Listen to James Cheesman as he talks about the importance of knowing and believing that God is sovereign and that He (More)
Sean Horton - Devotional (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Music ministers cannot expect to have their work confined to just music. Often they can be called to lead Bible studies and even preach on occasion. Listen to Sean Horton as he breaks down the process of how to lead Bible studies in (More)
Jacob Sensenig - Leadership Session 1 - Spiritual Growth (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: The introduction session to our worship leadership series on growth. Jacob Sensenig walks us through the importance of a strong spiritual foundation by setting routines and practical goals for your growth and learning.   (More)
Josh Stewart - Devotional on Worship Leadership (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Of the many requirements for a worship leader, humility is an essential quality to embody both on and off the stage. Listen to Josh Steward expound from the Bible on what it means to have "humble confidence" and its applicability to (More)
Thomas Coker - Perspectives and Values from 50 Years in Music Ministry (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: In this session of practical music ministry, we will examine the importance of foundational personal concepts for the Music/Worship leader. The concepts include: Who am I? Whose am I? Faith, God, Church, and Worship. We will then exa (More)
The relational ethics of church music - Nathan Myrick
Subjects: Music. Church music. Worship. Philosophy. Ethics. Theology. Practical theology. Discourse. Formation. Virtue. Care. Justice. Relationships. Everyday life. Narrative. Affect theory. Affections. Emotion. Meaning. Existentialism. Continental p (More)
The public invitation and "Gospel Hymns Nos. 1 to 6" - Emily Snider
Subjects: Invitation, Altar call, Sankey, Ira, Baptist hymnal, Evangelicals, gospel hymns. Abstract: Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of traditional evangelical worship is the widespread practice of the "invitation" near the close of th (More)
Barbara Newman, LaTonya Penny, and Ken Medema - Renovate Church: Personalization (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: How can the church support individuals and families for whom church is very difficult? Including individuals in the life of the church who have disabilities or extenuating circumstances can require some “Responsive Design,” a process (More)
Barbara Newman & LaTonya Penny - Renovate Church: Participation in Children's and Youth Ministry (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Can we include kids with varied abilities in our Children and Youth ministries? Yes! Boldly go where others have seen success in Children’s settings using Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning. Come away with practical i (More)
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