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Jacob and Sarah Sensenig - Leadership Session: Calling (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Join Jacob and Sarah Sensenig for the final episode in our leadership series for camp 2020. Jacob and Sarah will discuss how we discern a calling to serve in ministry and what next steps might look like for each of you.   (More)
How to Talk to a Keys Player - 2020 Worship Lab CONNECT
Description: Josh Stewart sits down with a Travis to discuss the importance of communicating well with the Keys Player as part of the "How to talk to a" series.   (More)
Jacob Sensenig - Leadership: Transitions (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Join us for a session discussing the importance of transition in our worship. If you’ve ever heard someone describe a time when their performance excelled and they were “in the zone,” they were likely describing an experience of flow (More)
How to Talk to an Acoustic/Electric Player - 2020 Worship Lab CONNECT
Description: As part of the "How to talk to a" series, Josh Stewart sits down with Ricky Garza to go over the essentials of how to talk to a acoustic/electric player in the band.   (More)
Jacob Sensenig - Leadership Session 2: Prayer (2020 Worship Lab CONNECT)
Description: Among the many necessary requirements for leading worship every Sunday, many music ministers often overlook the most important aspect of planning and leading which is prayer. Listen to Jacob Sensenig as he talks about the importance (More)
Monique Ingalls - 'Tis Pleasant to Repeat! The Art and Science of Repetition in Musical Worship
Description: The topic of repetition abounds in our conversations about music in worship. Whether we’re discussing words, melodies, songs, or song genres, everyone seems to have an opinion on how much repetition is too much, too little, or just r (More)
Thomas Coker - Perspectives and Values from 50 Years in Music Ministry (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: In this session of practical music ministry, we will examine the importance of foundational personal concepts for the Music/Worship leader. The concepts include: Who am I? Whose am I? Faith, God, Church, and Worship. We will then exa (More)
Panel Discussion - Making the Most of Time: Time Management Tips for Busy Ministers (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: There truly does not seem to be enough time in the day to accomplish all that we feel is required of us. This panel discussion will provide helpful tips and organizational tools for effective ministry. Panelists: Steven Braucht, K (More)
Randall Bradley - Building Community through Rehearsals (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: We are responsible for creating a hospitable environment in our church choirs. This session will examine strategies for fostering a communal environment in any setting involving choral music. Vulnerability, trust, nurture, honesty, s (More)
Barbara Newman, LaTonya Penny, and Ken Medema - Renovate Church: Personalization (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: How can the church support individuals and families for whom church is very difficult? Including individuals in the life of the church who have disabilities or extenuating circumstances can require some “Responsive Design,” a process (More)
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