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The students POV on interviews for internships & careers
After the first round of the Baylor S3 Pro Day of virtual recruiting with 30 interviewers, 54 of the students rated each of the interviewers, selected their favorite two interviewers, and commented on one that didn't go as well as hoped. After the se (More)
Do you have your P's in order?
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2018 People. Purpose. Performance. (Pictures.) S3 2018 Board Meeting Paul Epstein challenged the room of (More)
Do MLB giveaways and special events influence attendance?
by Kirk Wakefield - October 2018 Forbes reported before the 2018 season started that clubs planned over 1800 speci (More)
What drives fan passion?
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2013 What makes a passionate fan? A passionate fan devotes heart, mind, body, and soul to the team. The consequences of a passionate fan base are increased ticket, media (More)
The Nets move to Brooklyn: Brand boon or bust?
by Anne Rivers - January 2013 Whose brand is bigger? Knicks or Nets? What happens to teams as they move cities?  Do people miss the Seattle SuperSonics? The LA Rams? How about moving the Nets from New Je (More)
How NOT to run a team Twitter account
by Matt Briggs - March 2013 Newcastle United fans have their say on club’s Twitter use Newcastle United supporters – a passionate bunch. Digital communications is now the front line of fan engage (More)
Dynamic parking? Who will be first?
by Kirk Wakefield - March 2013 Who started dynamic pricing anyway? Following deregulation in the early '80s American Airlines initiated dynamic ticket pricing to deal with new low cost competitors. (More)
What makes a great ballpark?
by Kirk Wakefield - May 2013 My favorite is AT&T Park. You don't have to love baseball to love going there. And that really is the business issue: How do you build or maintain a park that attrac (More)
Which comes first: Happiness or success?
by Shawn Achor - June 2013 What is the connection between happiness and sales?  Most salespeople tell me it’s an easy question:  “When I’m selling then I’m happy.” How could so many salespeople possib (More)
Under Armour - The Underdog Story of Sports Merchandise
by Anne Rivers - June 2013 How to break into a mature market The giants of athletic gear (Nike, Adidas and Reebok) traditionally dominated the sports merchandising brand space through partnerships with s (More)
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