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The students POV on interviews for internships & careers
After the first round of the Baylor S3 Pro Day of virtual recruiting with 30 interviewers, 54 of the students rated each of the interviewers, selected their favorite two interviewers, and commented on one that didn't go as well as hoped. After the se (More)
How Sales Management in Pro Sports Can Catch Up to Corporate America
Why do parents, teachers, politicians, managers and salespeople continue bad practices? Four reasons and the ways we express them are: We do what got done to us and assume it was best practice. "Look at me, I turned out OK didn't I?" (More)
Are you investing enough time into training? The 3 elements of good programs
by Drew Ribarchak - May 2013 In February 2008, Starbucks shut down all of its stores because of bad habits and inconsistency among their baristas. A sign on the front door that read, “We’ (More)
Sales Training: How to Handle Objections
by Sean Ream - May 2013 Handling Objections How often do you hear the proud statement from a sales representative, “I just had a great conversation, they are definitely going to buy.”  A natural respons (More)
Which comes first: Happiness or success?
by Shawn Achor - June 2013 What is the connection between happiness and sales?  Most salespeople tell me it’s an easy question:  “When I’m selling then I’m happy.” How could so many salespeople possib (More)
Sales training for CRM: The 3 sales rep types & how to reach them
by Chris Zeppenfeld - June 2013 How can CRM fail? Numerous studies estimate that somewhere around 50% of all C (More)
3 basic questions you should ask premium seat buyers
by Kirk Wakefield - July 2013 Preparation is the key to selling efficiency Preparation is on anyone's top 10 list of what makes successful salespeople. Successful preparation is based on asking the (More)
Are you the best around?
by Jeff Eldersveld - August 2013 What does "best" mean? The word “best” is interesting. While clearly defined in sports with crowned champions, MVPs, medals and trophies, the business side of sports (More)
Dealing with frustration in sales
by Dan Rockwell - August 2013 The way you deal with today’s frustration reflects the leader or the salesperson you’ll become tomorrow. Frustration is an alarm clock; a spotlight pointing: a match (More)
The Six D's of Destruction: How to Recognize and Avoid Sales Burnout
by Kris Katseanes - May 2014 What happened to all the excitement? We all seek to hire highly competent, highly energized, hard-working individuals who invest everything they have in (More)
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