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Do you have your P's in order?
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2018 People. Purpose. Performance. (Pictures.) S3 2018 Board Meeting Paul Epstein challenged the room of (More)
How far will analytics take You? S3 majors meet with partners at StubHub, Giants, 49ers, Sharks, & Warriors to Find Out
by Brad Sherrill - September 2017 StubHub and Baylor S3 StubHub and Baylor S3 created a partnership to reward motivated, analytically-talented S3 students with an expenses paid trip to the Bay area. (More)
Spurs Share Values & Insights with Baylor Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3)
by Brad Sherrill - September 2017 What can we learn from the Spurs organization? The Spurs were the first organization contacted before the S3 program launched in 2004. We often say that the Spurs o (More)
Part 1: How to interview with the pros
by Jeannette Salas - January 2013 Part 1: Getting the first interview Many candidates applying to job postings don’t realize as soon as they click Send the interviews begin. The minute the pote (More)
Part 2: How to interview with the pros
by Jeannette Salas - February 2013 Last month we covered how to g (More)
Establishing Your Personal Brand
by Ken Troupe - February 2013 What does your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook say about you? A brand is “a type of product manufactured by a company under a particular name.”  But what about your persona (More)
So you want a job in pro sports?
by Charles Johnson - February 2013 Make a hundred calls, cover the phones, get a sale, ask for a referral, and work the sales table.  I’m tired of making all these calls! Some people are disr (More)
What does your Twitter and LinkedIn say about your personal brand?
by Ken Troupe - March 2013 Last month we talked about the importance of laying t (More)
How to look good at the interview
by Jeannette Salas - March 2013 We've reviewed what you need to do to get the More)
Three Qualities Traditional Leaders Reject
by Dan Rockwell - March 2013 More)
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