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Are Silicon Valley Teams as Data-Driven as You'd Expect?
by Brad Sherrill - October 2017 With Apple's headquarters right down the street, you would expect the teams in Silicon Valley to be digitally-savvy and data-driven. We were not disappointed, as the t (More)
How far will analytics take You? S3 majors meet with partners at StubHub, Giants, 49ers, Sharks, & Warriors to Find Out
by Brad Sherrill - September 2017 StubHub and Baylor S3 StubHub and Baylor S3 created a partnership to reward motivated, analytically-talented S3 students with an expenses paid trip to the Bay area. (More)
The five powers of permission
by Dan Rockwell - January 2013 Old style leaders are about giving permission to supplicants. Their followers seek permission. It’s an “I/you” rather than “we” dynamic. Leaders have power and follower (More)
So you want a job in pro sports?
by Charles Johnson - February 2013 Make a hundred calls, cover the phones, get a sale, ask for a referral, and work the sales table.  I’m tired of making all these calls! Some people are disr (More)
Leading: Purposeful Abandonment--The Art of Letting Go
by Dan Rockwell - February 2013 You employ systems and strategies for starting, maintaining, and moving forward. Adopt systems for stopping as well. People who can’t say, “No,” chase all the spill (More)
The Daniel Sport & Entertainment Leadership Summit
by Kirk Wakefield - March 2013 First Ever Managers and executives from professional sports met for the inaugural Daniel Sport & Entertainment Leadership Summit the third weekend in February in (More)
How did the S3 Report grow over 400% in 4 months?
by Kirk Wakefield - June 2013 Thanks to you, the growth in readership and membership at the S3 Report has been exceptional. Let's start with who we are and then how we've grown. Who are we? The S3 (More)
S3 Back to School
by Kirk Wakefield - September 2013 Our Back-to-School September issue of the S3 Report includes two articles focused on selling NCAA sports: Bryce Killingsworth (Oklahoma State University) expl (More)
The Six Choices of New Leaders
by Lynn Wittenburg - September 2013 People just starting to climb the ladder in this business often ask: How do I become a leader? I do not have ALL the answers, but here are six tips that (More)
What to do when you're the new boss
by Matt Bowman - October 2013 Anyone in the sports business very long knows one may have to relocate to advance one’s career.  While certainly not a requirement, top executives have made a few (More)
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