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Monique Ingalls - 'Tis Pleasant to Repeat! The Art and Science of Repetition in Musical Worship
Description: The topic of repetition abounds in our conversations about music in worship. Whether we’re discussing words, melodies, songs, or song genres, everyone seems to have an opinion on how much repetition is too much, too little, or just r (More)
Panel Discussion - Making the Most of Time: Time Management Tips for Busy Ministers (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: There truly does not seem to be enough time in the day to accomplish all that we feel is required of us. This panel discussion will provide helpful tips and organizational tools for effective ministry. Panelists: Steven Braucht, K (More)
Panel Discussion - Keeping Worship Planning Fresh: My Best Ideas (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Join a panel of worship planners as they share their best ideas for planning vibrant and meaningful services, maintaining inspired planning and avoiding listlessness. Panelists: Carey Cannon, Anna Humble, Clint Kimmel, and Brooke (More)
Randall Bradley - Building Community through Rehearsals (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: We are responsible for creating a hospitable environment in our church choirs. This session will examine strategies for fostering a communal environment in any setting involving choral music. Vulnerability, trust, nurture, honesty, s (More)
Randy Edwards - Sailing New Seas of Deep Opportunity (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: This will be the most radical of our three sessions. It is based upon YouthCUE’s observation that many church musicians are, in fact, serving congregations which actively torpedo the growth of youth choir ministries. What the leaders (More)
David Toledo - Developing Student Leaders (2009 Alleluia Conference)   Description: There are tremendous opportunities for leadership development within the church's music ministry to students. We will examine several methods of leadership development and d (More)
Randall Bradley - Music Ministry Team Building (2009 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: Building a Music Ministry Team Involving other leadership is vital to healthy music and worship ministry. How do you attract people to your team? How do you k (More)
Chris Pillsbury - Putting Your Ministry on the Internet (2010 Alleluia Conference)   Description: Do the words YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter raise your anxiety level? Ever wanted to post a video from your church on the internet? Come learn a step by step way to upload (More)
Tim Studstill - This is My Story, This is My Song (2010 Alleluia Conference)   Description: A discussion with music ministers who have given a lifetime to the ministry of music and leading people in worship. This session will help the bivocational and smaller chu (More)
Emily Snider - An Introduction to the Church Year (2010 Alleluia Conference)   Description: This session is brief survey of the liturgical calendar. Many churches celebrate Christmas and Easter, but the church's rich history provides year-round opportunities to e (More)
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