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Are you the best around?
by Jeff Eldersveld - August 2013 What does "best" mean? The word “best” is interesting. While clearly defined in sports with crowned champions, MVPs, medals and trophies, the business side of sports (More)
Market (Sell) Like a Rock Star!
by Lynn Wittenburg - August 2013 I got this headline “Market Like a Rock Star” in an email after I read the book More)
Sponsorship Success is Defined by the Numbers You Measure
by Tom Hughes - September 2013 “If I had a dollar to spend on marketing why would I spend it on sponsorship?”                                                                                              (More)
How can sales & marketing get along?
by Lynn Wittenburg - January 2014 I’m often asked how sales & marketing should work together and if they can. There always seems to be tension between the two in most sports organizati (More)
Why you should go to the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2014 The Digital Fan Engagement Conference to be held March 3-4, 2014, in Dallas (TX) looks promising. Q1 Productions, a leading organizer of research-based, education (More)
Six Differences Between Working in College versus Pro Sports (and why they may change)
by Rocky Harris - January 2014 The first 12 years of my career were spent working in professional sports and corporate America. I made the move to collegiate athletics two years ago because I (More)
Richard Sherman, The Craziest Player at the Super Bowl?
by Deven Nongbri - January 2014 We're all probably a bit tired about hearing of Richard Sherman and his outburst in the NFC Championship  game. His seemingly angry rant rankled a lot of folks and stirred (More)
How Can Teams Use Social Media To Build Brand, Develop Fans & Tell Their Story?
by Neil Horowitz - February 2014 Before the days of social media, the frequency and avenues of touch points between brands and consumers, and teams and fans, were few and far between. Beyond media br (More)
Why Sponsors Flock to The Olympics and Super Bowl: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Their Fans & Brands
by Anne Rivers - February 2014 Why do brands line up to sponsor The Olympics & the Super Bowl? Below are five truths you might have suspected, but didn't have the evidence or the details that explain (More)
Super Bowl Ads: A Kid's Point of View
by Deven Nongbri - February 2014 And now a message from our kids: KISB = Keep It Simple Brands Even though the game itself was a More)
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