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Ryan Flanigan - Spring 2020 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Ryan Flanigan is a songwriter, church music director (All Saints Dallas), and curator of new songs for the growing liturgical renewal movement (More)
Greg Scheer - Fall 2019 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: From Yale to Uganda, Indianapolis to Indonesia, Greg Scheer has spoken on worship and music topics including songwriting, leading bands, and pop music orchestration. Two decades leading worship in the local church provides street cre (More)
Keith Getty - Spring 2008 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Keith Getty shares his new hymns with Baylor students and his thoughts on hymn writing in the 21st century. Location: Waco Hall, Baylor University - Waco, Texas   (More)
Pablo Sosa - Spring 2009 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Pablo Sosa explores issues of contextualization growing out of his own experience of education in The States and transition back to Argentina. He raises stylistic and pastoral issues and shares some of his compositions which reflect (More)
David Crowder - Fall 2009 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Christian Artist and Music Minister David Crowder shares a lecture on the Church Music of today, yesterday and tomorrow. Using humor and thought provoking ideas this engaging lecture is one to not miss. Location: Waco Hall, Baylo (More)
Gloria Gaither - Spring 2011 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Spring 2011 Hearn Innovator, Gloria Gaither, presents a lecture on the Baylor campus. Location: Waco Hall, Baylor University - Waco, Texas (More)
Ken Medema - Fall 2011 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Ken Medema talks about his desire for a fresh perspective on the use of music in the church and the need for the church to reach beyond its walls. Location: Waco Hall, Baylor University - Waco, Texas   (More)
Karen Ward - Spring 2012 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Karen Ward talks about issues relating to the emergent church movement, such as the roles of liturgy, clergy, and lay people and the interaction between them. She uses many examples from the church plant she started in Seattle, Churc (More)
Marcia McFee - Spring 2013 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Our Spring 2013 Hearn Innovator, Marcia McFee, presents a lecture on the four different primal patterns that affect the flow and rhythm of worship. She includes performance demonstrations and examples of appropriate congregational so (More)
Dennis Worley - Fall 2014 - Hearn Innovators Series
Description: Join Dennis Worley in this meeting of the Baylor Church Music Forum.   (More)
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