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Transitioning Well in Grad School
The end of the school year is a season of transitions, particularly for grad students preparing to graduate or begin new careers. Moving to a new place can be both exhilarating and intimidating. I think it’s safe to say such a statement may be true e (More)
Coping with COVID-19 in Grad School: Joseph Thangraj
When I think back to the time when news of the shelter-in-place order/restriction came out in March 2020, all I can think of was uncertainty. Everything was uncertain – travel, finances, research, everything.  My advisor helped me transitioned my wor (More)
Coping with COVID-19 in Grad School: Alyssa Muegge
As someone who is training for the field of higher education, perhaps the biggest challenge that the pandemic brought me was learning how to be a student in higher education while also being an employee of it. In August 2019, I started the two-year m (More)
Coping with COVID-19 in Grad School: Grace Aquino
As a graduate student in STEM, a wife, and a stepmom (aka the fun parent), it’s difficult to decide what the biggest challenge is that this pandemic has created for me. As a scientist in training, the fear of “publish or perish” became unavoidable fo (More)
Resisting the Vice of Curiosity: Reflections on a PhD Quest for Knowledge
Today we welcome a guest writer to the Bear Tracks blog. Paul Gutacker received his Ph.D. in History from Baylor University in 2019, and now serves as a full-time lecturer in (More)
The Value of Failure in Grad School
My husband suggested once that I have lunch with a friend. She was a graduate student, and struggling in the program. “Did you tell her I almost quit?” I asked. “Oh, yeah,” my husband said. “That is why I thought you should talk with her.” Graduat (More)
My Life as a Postdoc after Baylor
Today's post comes from former Baylor student and Graduate Student Association president Dr. Rachel Renbarger. After graduating with her PhD in Educational Psychology in May, Rachel accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Duke Uni (More)
How to Start a Writing Group
My writing group just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Although our idea for the group was born during a faculty retreat, it took us a year before we hashed out a plan. We were all tenure-track and anxious about the promotion process. What we wanted (More)
The Funding is in the Details
Today we welcome guest writer Brooke Morris, a PhD student in the Biology Department who works as a Doctoral Administrative Fellow for the Graduate School an (More)
Musings on Graduate School: An International Student Perspective for Starting Well
Today we welcome Hina Abel to BearTracks. Hina is a 2nd year PhD Student in Higher Education Studies and Leadership, and she apprentices in the G (More)
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