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Nan Grantham - Mentors and "New-bies" Welcome! (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Every class has a mixture of the two! In this session we will bounce ideas back and forth to help the “new-bies” move forward with confidence, plus ideas of “things that worked for me” from the mentors in the group. If you have worke (More)
Nan Grantham - I Am Teaching What!?! (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: The elements of music we teach do not change—rhythm, melody, harmony, form, tone, and expression. Even if you say you are not a teacher or musician—or if you say “these are just preschoolers”—do I have a barrel for you! We will pull (More)
Nan Grantham - Getting the Wiggles Out (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Let’s plan on movement and fun to get us warmed up for the day and gather a collection of ideas that work with preschoolers—hopefully pulling together the energies of some who might wiggle too much, while introducing ideas that will (More)
Nan Grantham - Do It Again (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: What an assortment for you in this class—things that worked so well and brought so much joy (could be through fun, or even worship experiences), they have survived the test of time and must be used again! Sources may be previous Grow (More)
Teresa Granger - What's in the Bag? A Bag of Tricks for Children's Choir Workers (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Discover the gadgets and props in the bag that combine hands on activities for actively involving the children in choral singing while developing choral skills. Attendees will receive practical strategies, props, and choral tips that (More)
Mark Burrows - Children in Worship: This Is Our Song (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: As children’s music ministers, we are uniquely situated to advocate for the inclusion of children in the worship life of the community. The hymns we choose, the songs we sing, the way we encourage the congregation to interact with on (More)
Mark Burrows - Light Moments and Moments of Light (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: In between all the notes and rhythms are often where our greatest opportunities for music ministry take place. We will explore some ways to lighten the mood to keep kids energized. And we will go deep to discover those beautiful Mome (More)
Mark Burrows - The Heartbeat of Prayer (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Drumming is about so much more than “performing” rhythms. We can utilize percussion to bring about some truly powerful, prayerful experiences. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University - Waco, Texas   (More)
Mark Burrows - Music with Mister Mark: Circle Time Music in Early Childhood (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Young children truly do have the capacity to grow in their faith, and what better tool to foster that growth than music. We will discover ways to use story, movement, and easy-to-learn songs to engage our littlest friends. (Oh, and C (More)
Mark Burrows - Buckets to Body Percussion: Drumming on a Dime (2019 Alleluia Conference)
Description: We will explore ways to use found objects and body percussion to develop percussion experiences that celebrate God’s creation and our role in it. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University - Waco, Texas   (More)
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