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The Sports Strategy & Sales (S3) Program Expands!
S3 in LA circa 2009 When the S3 program launched in 2004 we were—and are—the only academic program (More)
November Newsletter
by Will Evans - November 2018 S3 Alumni Spotlight Vishal Na (More)
S3 September-October Newsletter
by Ian Young - October 2018 S3 Alumni Spotlight Blake Pallansch[/c (More)
Do you have your P's in order?
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2018 People. Purpose. Performance. (Pictures.) S3 2018 Board Meeting Paul Epstein challenged the room of (More)
Part 1: How to interview with the pros
by Jeannette Salas - January 2013 Part 1: Getting the first interview Many candidates applying to job postings don’t realize as soon as they click Send the interviews begin. The minute the pote (More)
Part 2: Managing the next generation of sellers
by Murray Cohn - February 2013 Last month we began our discussion on ho (More)
Part 2: How to interview with the pros
by Jeannette Salas - February 2013 Last month we covered how to g (More)
Is integrity in sports sales a problem?
by Wade Graf - February 2013 Hundreds, even thousands, apply for any ticket sales position opening, flooding LinkedIn, More)
So you want a job in pro sports?
by Charles Johnson - February 2013 Make a hundred calls, cover the phones, get a sale, ask for a referral, and work the sales table.  I’m tired of making all these calls! Some people are disr (More)
S3 Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Bergstrom, Texas Rangers
by Jennifer Macintyre - February 2013 More)
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