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The Sports Strategy & Sales (S3) Program Expands!
S3 in LA circa 2009 When the S3 program launched in 2004 we were—and are—the only academic program (More)
How Sales Management in Pro Sports Can Catch Up to Corporate America
Why do parents, teachers, politicians, managers and salespeople continue bad practices? Four reasons and the ways we express them are: We do what got done to us and assume it was best practice. "Look at me, I turned out OK didn't I?" (More)
November Newsletter
by Will Evans - November 2018 S3 Alumni Spotlight Vishal Na (More)
S3 September-October Newsletter
by Ian Young - October 2018 S3 Alumni Spotlight Blake Pallansch[/c (More)
The 2012 S3 Board Meeting: In Pictures
by Kirk Wakefield - October 2012 The 2012 S3 Board Meeting kicked off on Tuesday afternoon (October 16) with the Ultimate Sales Panel, led by More)
The Chevrolet S3 2012 Awards
by Kirk Wakefield - October 2012 Thanks to Chevrolet and S3 Board Members Dave Nottoli, More)
About S3
by Kirk Wakefield - November 2012 Baylor offers the only business major in Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) in the country. About us: The S3 Mission. To faithfully live lives of integrity mar (More)
Welcome to the Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) Report
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2013 Join the S3 Community to: Participate: Join the discussion on our LinkedIn group:More)
S3 Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Bergstrom, Texas Rangers
by Jennifer Macintyre - February 2013 More)
S3 Board Member Spotlight: Kelly Cheeseman, AEG Worldwide
by Jerry Ruiz - February 2013 Congratulations to S3 Board Members in their new positions:  Kelly Cheeseman, Chief Operating Officer of More)
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