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Why Stadium Connectivity Presents the Best Sponsorship Opportunity for Teams & Corporations
by Angelina Lawton - January 2015 The second screen in sports The ongoing conversation is how to integrate the second screen into the sports industry. More and more, fans spurn attending games to (More)
Sales Training: The Four Benefits of Waiting
by Tom Parsons - January 2015 Heinz had a commercial with a slogan when I was young, “The best things come to those that (More)
Students: Finding your Perfect Sports Business Employer
by Brian Norman - January 2015 Students: Finding your Perfect Sports Business Employer It's your senior year. You've been through hundreds of hours of classroom instruction, completed multiple indus (More)
Why the Super Bowl Ads Missed the Mark
by Kirk Wakefield - February 2015 Advertisers for Super Bowl 49, at least I'm pretty sure that's the number we're on, collectively set the mark for most depressing ads ever. Sure, More)
Selling vs. Telling
by Ben Milsom - March 2015 Making the pitch Recently I attended a recruiting meeting with a local college football coach where the goal was to get the high school senior to commit to attend hi (More)
Making CRM What Your Sales Staff Wants
by Brooke Gaddie - March 2015 Get to know your staff No two sales staffs are going to be exactly the same. No two reps on your staff may be the same. In order to achieve the level of acceptance that you want, you have to make the system do what the (More)
Getting in the game: Removing and replacing the fear of rejection
by Carson Heady - March 2015 Those moments prior to dialing, pulling that door or entering the board room are like stepping in the batter’s box or breaking the huddle. You formulated a semblance o (More)
Redefining the sports fan
by Alan Seymour - March 2015 The sports fan redefined? Are sports fans changing? Recent history and experience suggests they are, for two key reasons: The power of social media enables the fan (More)
How national brands can market to the military
by Derek Blake - March 2015 Establish credibility Have you ever thought about marketing to the military to drive transactions with your brand and expand your customer base? We began with this idea (More)
Why the NFL is Lifting the Blackout Rule
by Eric Fernandez - March 2015 The NFL announced yesterday (3 (More)
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