ILL 2018 Schedule

Friday, January 26

5:00 pm – Registration

6:00 pm –Dinner

7:00 pm – Neighbor Night Panel

8:00 pm – Evening Session

9:00 pm – Late Night

Saturday, January 27

9:00 am – Coffee/Tea and Snacks

9:30 am – Opening Session with Carr Harkrader

10:30 am – Breakout Session #1

11:45 am – Lunch

1:00 pm – Breakout Session #2

2:15 pm – Afternoon Session

4:00 pm – Story Fest

Breakout Session Leaders

Breakout Sessions

Inter(active)-Faith on Your Campus: Intent vs. Impact

Jasmine Wilson, Assistant Director for Resident Learning, Baylor University

Description: Coming soon…

The Skills and Challenges of Interfaith Leadership

Carr Harkrader, Education Resources Manager, Interfaith Youth Core

Description: This session will explore the basic skills of interfaith cooperation and how to productively engage challenging and difficult conversations.

GRIT 101: What does it REALLY take to be an Interfaith Leader?

Sarah Ritter, Faculty and MSW Program Director, Baylor School of Social Work

Description: Ever wonder what it takes to see real change happen in your community? Want to build a solid skill set that will help you equip your community as an interfaith leader? GRIT is the ability to combine passion and persistence over a long period of time in order to achieve long-term goals. To add to this definition, GRIT is a big piece of interfaith literacy because GRIT (passion and persistence) plus interfaith leadership (which requires passion and persistence) leads to advocacy, action, AND change over time. Research shows that GRIT is a necessary component for long-term success, and this session will offer an overview of current GRIT research, ways to implement this skill set, and tangible practices you can do to enhance GRIT in your community and in your own life in order to be a highly effective change agent and interfaith leader in your community.

Spirituality and Self-Care as an Interfaith Leader

Dr. Holly Oxhandler, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Assistant Professor, Baylor School of Social Work

Description: In order to best walk alongside, lead, and serve others along their spiritual journeys, it is critical that we intentionally care for and tend to our own spiritual transformation and self-care. In this presentation, Dr. Oxhandler will unpack why spiritual self-care is so important, particularly as it relates to being an interfaith leader, invite attendees to consider how they engage in spiritual self-care in their lives, and will offer some practical steps for engaging in the journey toward spiritual self-care and transformation.

Cultivating Cultural Humility: A Matter of Faith

Kerri Fisher, Lecturer, Baylor School of Social Work

Description: This workshop will help participants define and understand the practice of cultural humility with particular emphasis on human spirituality and religious identity. Participants will practice self and institutional reflection and will create action plans for personal and collective change that recognize the importance of language, representation and intersectionality in matters of faith.