Graduate School Staff

What even is the Graduate School? You know there’s a Dean, there’s probably some administrative assistants, maybe another dean, like an assistant dean, and then a couple of other people? Isn’t there a Writing Center or something?

So, you’re not exactly wrong if this is where your brain begins, but Baylor’s Graduate School is so much more. There is a staff of thirteen dedicated people, plus a few rockstar graduate and undergraduate student workers, who make your graduate experience here at Baylor possible. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be interviewing the staff of the Grad School to learn about the work they do behind the scenes every day, work that directly supports you, your department, and your future professional goals. Stay tuned to learn what Dean Lyon’s favorite sport is, who in the Graduate School used to be a cowboy, and who is everyone’s favorite staff member, along with somewhat more practical insights like what free resources the Grad School offers to you that you probably aren’t taking advantage of right now, or how to avoid common pitfalls that the Grad School staff frequently help students out of. But also the cowboy thing.

So check back with us next week to hear from Dean Lyon about his nearly fifty year career at Baylor and about Baylor’s historic win over Texas in 1974. Sic ’em!