We are so pleased to welcome back Present your PhD (PyPhD) to BearTracks. They have great resources to help graduate students learn how to better communicate their research. We appreciate their willingness to share these with us! 

Everything we do at PyPhD focuses on translating our work to the public. We connect with schools and museums and libraries in Waco, TX and work to convince the public that “science is sexy.” That it is worth paying attention to and we aren’t inaccessible brainiacs that slave away in our labs or offices.

We collaborate and we publish and some of us even leverage #sciencetwitter to share our findings. And this is awesome!

But, we can do more. We can share how we are doing these things, and what are the best ways to share our work. Below, you’ll find some of the resources that we at PyPhD have found to be helpful.


Presentation Tips

Why Our Mission is Important

  • Why Low-Income Kids Are Nowhere in STEM by Matthew Lynch; Describes the cyclical nature that results in slowly pushing out valuable, intelligent students
  • Early Science by Madeline Will
  • Draw a Scientist by Ed Yong; Young students typically draw their own gender, but older students “weren’t putting some universal gender bias onto paper, but instead accurately reflecting the proportion of women and men in various professions.”


  • The Female Scientist
  • Tenure, She Wrote
  • From the Lab Bench
  • Next Scientist
  • Top 50 Blogs


Join Grad Student Slack, #scicomm channel
Sign up for Skype a Scientist
Share your time and your passion with Letters to a Pre-Scientist
I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!
Informal Science
The Best American Essay
Science Writers


  • Up Goer Five: only use the most common 1.000 words in the English language. See the US Space Team’s version!
  • Write for Frontiers, a magazine written by scientists for readers with young minds
  • Join PyPhD!

You can also find this research page on PyPhD’s website. Remember, PyPhD is one of the fantastic partner organizations of GSA at Baylor. Joining PyPhD is a great way to improve your presentation skills, gain experience for broader impact to make you more competitive for external grants as well as our own Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award, and be part of a supportive and dynamic community that helps kids engage with science.