Baylor Center for School Leadership The Secret to School Wide Improvement

The Secret to School Wide Improvement

Remote learning? Teacher retention? Lack of funding? Declining attendance? What are the crucial challenges facing your school in the coming academic year? Watch this short video and hear how Dr. Jon Eckert addresses these challenges and offers some insight into why this unique time in education offers you tremendous improvement opportunities.   For more information about The Academy 2022, click here.

5 Ways Collective Leadership Can Catalyze Teacher Retention

By Matt Thomas Early Spring can be a time characterized by anxiety for administrators. The workload seems to increase across the course of the year. Constant attention must be paid to expectations for increased student achievement. Enrollment numbers are evaluated almost daily. But, what might be among the greatest stressors administrators face as the school year begins to near its conclusion is the mounting pressure to fill open positions. This can be daunting, if not […]

Baylor Center for School Leadership–The Grace of Gathering

The Grace of Gathering

Dr. Matt Thomas I have a daily practice of writing a line a day to record something that I have learned or to capture a memory that I hope to fondly recall. I hope to use this collection to inspire and encourage my children and their families long after I’m gone. I’ve been doing this for seven years now and have quite a collection of memories and lessons I’ve learned. So, as my early morning […]

Baylor Center for School Leadership–3 Reasons to Bring Your Team to Leading Differently Together

3 Reasons to Bring your Team to Leading Differently Together

In a few days, hundreds of Christian leaders will be together celebrating the work God is doing across the globe through their endeavors as educators. Something powerful will occur in San Diego when our deep longing to be together is met with Christian fellowship and friendship. I talk about that extensively in another article here. The organizations that have joined together to host Converge have high hopes that each person attending will be challenged and […]

Baylor Center for School Leadership–Five ways educational leaders can move forward in a changed landscape

New Norms from a Storm: Five ways educational leaders can move forward in a changed landscape

by Dr. Chris Hobbs, BCSL Advisory Board Member I recently moved to Houston, Texas to accept a new school leadership position, and a big move brings with it new experiences. One of those new experiences was our first tornado warning in Houston. The ordeal resolved peacefully, but it was another tumultuous experience in what seems like an endless list of tumultuous experiences. I’m now referring to a third school year dealing with the unthinkable storm […]