Sports Strategy & Sales (S3) Alumni

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We view our team, company and agency partners as fellow educators interested in the development of talent in Sports Strategy & Sales. Since launching S3 in 2006, S3 alumni continue to provide direct input and participation with curriculum, recruitment, and events.

S3 students major in marketing and choose either S3 Sales or S3 Analytics tracks that determine internship and careers with a company, agency, third-party rights holder, professional team or NCAA member. Each S3 student is encouraged to reach out to the alumni below to grow networks and find mentors.

Among our alumni who actively provide direction and support are:

    1. Drew Mitchell (2006), Chief Revenue Office, Conference USA
    2. Brenna Tooley (2006), Senior Director, TransUnion
    3. Blake Paul (2006), Financial Advisor, UBS
    4. Brett Christenson (2006), Clinical Professor, Penn State University
    5. Aditya Malhotra (2006), Special Assistant to the Head Coach, Baylor Men’s Basketball
    6. Todd Pollock (2006), Vice President of Ticketing & Suites, Vegas Golden Knights
    7. Brian George (2007), Vice President of Premium Sales (Luxe), Houston Texans
    8. Taylor Bergstrom (2007), Senior Account Executive, Texas Rangers
    9. Haley Meier (2007), Director of Tourism & Group Sales, Orlando Magic
    10. Lauren Plotkin (2008), Manager, Marketing & Sponsorships, Reliant/NRG
    11. Katy Dickey (2008), Operations Lead, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media
    12. Mike Vogelaar (2008), Executive Director, Waco Sports Commission
    13. Jeff Brown (2009), Director, Business Partnerships, Frisco RoughRiders
    14. Mitch Mann (2009), General Manager, Air Force Properties
    15. Lauren McAlister (2009), Director of Digital Products, Hilton
    16. Josh Bookbinder (2009), Football, Texas Tech
    17. Austin Flagg (2010), Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, PGA Tour
    18. Lindsay Beale (2010), Associate Vice President of Business Development, San Antonio Spurs
    19. Chase Jolesch (2010), COO, Henderson Silver Knights/Vegas Golden Knights
    20. Eric Simonis (2010), Assistant AD, University of Virginia
    21. Stephen Gray (2011), Senior Manager, Austin Spurs/Spurs Sports & Entertainment
    22. Evin Martinez (2011), Partnership Marketing Director, Houston Texans
    23. Katherine Tran (2011), Senior Director, Premium & Membership Services, Columbus Crew
    24. Tommy Wright (2011), Director of Business Enterprises, Space Center Houston
    25. Leslie Horn (2012), Director, CRM, Detroit Pistons
    26. Michael Hurley (2012), Manager, Season Ticket Services, Houston Astros
    27. Randelyn Carpenter (2012), Sponsorship Marketing Specialist, Houston Methodist
    28. Erin Quigg (2013), Assistant Director of CRM Strategy, Orlando Magic
    29. Briggs Webster (2013), Sponsorship Manager, NRG Energy
    30. Sarah Proctor (2013), Customer Success Manager, KORE Software
    31. Jerry Ruiz (2014), Pro Golfer, PGA Tour Latinoamerica
    32. Justin Pipes (2014), Brand CFO, Holland America
    33. Brooke Andrews (2014), Revenue Operations Manager, Teamworks
    34. Scott Terrell (2015), Vice President of Partnerships, VYPE Media
    35. Brooks Byers (2015), Senior Manager, Legends
    36. Lance Kay (2015), Manager of Ticket Sales, Dallas Stars
    37. Twila Mulflur (2015),  Success Operations Manager, KORE Software
    38. Blake Pallansch (2015), Associate Athletic Director, University of Tennessee
    39. Alexa Charpentier (2015), Manager, Corporate Partnerships, Dallas Stars
    40. Colin Warner (2016), Business Intelligence Director, Sacramento Kings
    41. Andrew Vitale (2016), Business Development Manager, Houston Texans
    42. Darolyn Pierce (2016), Senior Director of BI, BSE Global (Brooklyn Nets)
    43. Anthony Potts (2016), CRM Manager, Detroit Pistons
    44. Philip Viloria (2016), Director of Special Projects, Peak Sports MGMT/Events
    45. Diana Curti (2016), Senior Director, Wakefield Research Partners
    46. Jake Allhands (2016), Senior Partner Strategy Analyst, E15 Group
    47. Drew Foster (2016), Premium Account Executive, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    48. Nick Buckley (2016), Associate Director, Ticket Sales, University of Tennessee
    49. Justin Browne (2016), Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales, University of Tennessee
    50. Victoria Ham (2016), Senior Analyst, CRM Marketing & Analytics, YETI
    51. Ashley Klesges (2016), Head of NFL & Entertainment, Business & Operations, Eventellect
    52. Erika Moulder (2017), Manager of Ticket Sales, San Antonio FC
    53. Shelby Adams (2017), Coordinator, Partnership Services-Big12, Learfield
    54. Adam Riegel (2017), Data Analyst, Legends
    55. Courtney Penland (2017), Senior Manager, Digital, 4Front
    56. Wesley Abercrombie (2017), Vice President of Sales, Peak Sports Management
    57. Matthew Burke (2017), Manager of Data Architecture & BI, New York City FC
    58. Julianne Garrett (2017), Manager, Corporate Partnership Marketing, Dallas Cowboys
    59. Ryan Niebruegge (2017), Senior Customer Success Manager, KORE Software
    60. Hayley Whitcher (2017), Senior Manager, Partnerships, TeamWork Online
    61. Sara Hayes (2017), Advisor, Sales Prospect Marketing, Phillips 66
    62. McKenzie Bryan (2017), Manager- National Partnership Management, Learfield
    63. Liane Fisher (2017), Senior Coordinator, Partnership Marketing, Houston Rockets
    64. James Dolce (2017), Business Development Manager, Houston Texans
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