Forum Placemats

Please use the resources below to host your own Public Deliberation Forums or use them as a reference to create a guide for an issue your community is experiencing.

Ground Rules


How Should We Prevent Mass Shootings in our Communities?

Human Trafficking: How Can our Community Respond to this Growing Problem?

Human Trafficking: Perception, Prevention, and Protection

Land of Plenty: How Should We Ensure that People have the Food they Need?

A House Divided: What Would We have to Give Up to Get the Political System We Want?

Climate Choices: How Should We Meet the Challenges of a Warming Planet?

Mental Health in America: How Do We Address a Growing Problem?

What Should We Do about the Opioid Epidemic

Racial and Ethnic Tensions on College Campuses

America’s Role in the World: National Security and Global Threats

Campus Carry

The Changing World of Work & the Role of Higher Education

Coming to America: Who Should We Welcome, What Should We Do?

Making Ends Meet: How Should We Spread Prosperity and Increase Opportunity?

The Divided State Of America: How Can We Get Work Done Even When We Disagree?

Political Fix: Getting America Back on Track

Over the Edge: Recovery in America

*These placemats were adapted from the extended NIF Issues Guides, which can be referenced and downloaded here.