Civic and Interfaith Studies

The Civic and Interfaith course sequence is a collaborative effort among Spirituality and Public Life, the Leadership Academy, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC), the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, and the School of Education

These courses are offered to any Baylor student – regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation – who wants to learn more about civic, intercultural, and interfaith literacy and leadership. One course is offered in the Fall through the BIC and one is offered in the Spring through the School of Education.

  • Fall: Religion and Public Life
  • Spring: Interfaith Leadership (Leadership minor)

In addition to innovative classroom experiences, these courses also provide co-curricular programing for students interested in expanding their coursework into practice.

Religion and Public Life is co-taught by Dr. Mike Whitenton of the BIC and Dr. Josh Ritter of Spirituality and Public Life

Interfaith Leadership is co-taught by Dr. Holly Oxhandler of the School of Social Work and Dr. Josh Ritter of Spirituality and Public Life

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Why are interfaith skills helpful?

Professional Application of Interfaith Skills


Funding provided by Interfaith Youth Core Innovation Grant – Healing the Heart of American Democracy