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Spotlight on Journal of Lutheran Ethics

    A Different Way of Talking by Rev. R. Gregg Kaufman

How do Christians bring the Gospel into a world divided? What resources exist for congregations to talk together about tough social issues? Kaufman outlines the process of deliberative dialogue and how it can be used to help people find common ground and to move them from dialogue toward action.

What theological underpinnings do we have to help pastors to think about preaching on social issues? And how can they do so effectively? Drawn from a nationwide survey and multiple case studies, Schade takes readers through her sermon-dialogue-sermon model to demonstrate an effective way for constructive conversations to occur. 

Pastoral Spotlight: Baylor PDI Community Associate, Rev. Dr. Leslie King

Rev. Dr. Leslie King, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Waco, received her BA from Kansas University (’91) and her Masters of Divinity from McCormick Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Chicago (‘94). In 2010 she completed her Doctor of Ministry at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City Missouri with an emphasis in Spirituality and Organizational Change. Leslie’s contributions to Baylor PDI are significant, and she is also a part of the Interfaith Research Exchange through the Kettering Foundation. Leslie leads her congregation in regular public deliberation forums, partners with other churches on forums, and is hoping to incorporate more deliberative practices into her preaching and liturgy.

Kettering Foundation Report

Roles that Institutional Leaders Can Play to Advance Opportunities for Public Deliberation,” by Derrick M. Hammond

Rev. Derrick M. Hammond is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, who currently serves as pastor of Oak Valley Baptist Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He holds a BS in chemical engineering from Auburn University. While in school, he also served in the US Army Reserves as a chemical operations specialist, obtaining an honorable discharge in 1999. In 2006, Derrick completed the dual master’s degree program at Samford University, earning a Master of Divinity and a Master of Business Administration.

In addition to his pastoral duties, Hammond is heavily involved in local and surrounding community affairs. He is an elected member of the Oak Ridge City Council as well as an active board member of the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation, Emory Valley Center, and United Way of Anderson County. Derrick is also a member of the Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club, East Tennessee Economic Council, and Beeson Divinity School Alumni Advisory Board.



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