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Churches are wrestling with how to live out their faith in an increasingly divided American culture. Research indicates that partisan politics is affecting congregations in how we interact, worship, and fellowship with each other; how clergy preach their sermons; and how (or if) we engage in the public square. In American society where the institutions of church and state remain separate, the reality that political discourse impacts religious communities cannot be denied. People bring their whole lives – good, bad, and troubled – to their church. This issue guide raises the question: “What should the church do to help congregants navigate the current state of political discourse in America?”

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Gender-based Violence: What Steps Should the Church Take? is a deliberative issue guide written for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The guide complements a denominational Gender-based Violence Social Message (2016) Social Message and provides congregations an opportunity to deliberate a critical public issue. Lutheran congregations and Baylor University Public Deliberation Initiative faculty and staff have used the guides.

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