Immigration in America

Session 1 || Oct. 23, 2014 || Issue: Immigration in America

featured image: Image from “Getting There” published in The Economist on Apr 6th 2013

The following link will open the handout given to attendees with the 3 options discussed in the forum: Immigration PDI Issues


After the session, participants were asked a series of questions; select answers were chosen and can be found below:

13 of 15 participants indicated YES to the question “Are you thinking differently about this issue now that you have participated in the forum?”

  • Selected YES answers
    • It makes me see a logical approach to immigration, rather than it just be an emotional issue
    • I want to think more critically and intelligently, not be black or white and say “open the border” or “close the border”
    • See all options as options that “care” for others instead of just option #1 – differ in who they care for and how they express care
    • Hearing about potential pitfalls of certain policies challenged some of my beliefs

11 of 15 participants indicated YES to the question – ‘In your forum, did you talk about aspects of the issues you hadn’t considered before?’

  • Selected YES answers
    • Talked about how different sectors are affected in both positive and negative ways
    • Investing in other country’s problems to make citizens not want to leave their countries
    • the economic aspect of the issue is important as for jobs and social services
    • the idea of improving other country’s infrastructure and economy to reduce immigration
  • Selected NO answers
    • No; not really but had rich discussion and explored aspects not always part of discussion – aid to other countries, etc.
    • No, some issues, perhaps more comprehensive viewpoints on each one

What, if anything, might citizens in your community do differently as a result of this forum?

  • THEME – Informed decisions
    • Citizens who participated may be more likely to analyze both sides of any issue before making a hasty decision
    • Make more informed decisions on immigration
    • Attend more forums on related issues
    • Understanding and becoming informed
    • Continue to talk about this issue in a logical manner
  • THEME – Receptiveness to others & other viewpoints
    • Talk and engage more. Meet those on the other side
    • Be more open to opinions and accepting of people
    • It brings different perspectives together
    • Open worldview
    • Be more considerate
    • Change mindsets to be more open and receptive to new people as humans, not “aliens” or even “immigrants”. Become informed on policy options and be active in the democratic process to put those policies into action
  • THEME – Other
    • Be more vocal about the issues

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