Baylor Behavioral Medicine Laboratory and American Psychosomatic Society Conference

The Baylor Behavioral Medicine Laboratory had 10 posters accepted for the 2020 American Psychosomatic Society Conference in Long Beach, California. First year graduate student, Page Hurley, was awarded the Young Scholar award for her poster! Unfortunately, the conference had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a list of posters accepted along with a links to the posters that would have been presented:

*Burton, W.G., *Carrasco, E.O., *Masando, S.A., *Luong, V.N., **Tyra, A.T., Young, D.A., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Subjective and objective socioeconomic status and stressor-evoked heart rate responses.


*Richardson, B.J., *Anaya, R.A., *Masando, S.A., **Tyra, A.T., Young, D.A., Tsang, J., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Experimentally increasing levels of gratitude immediately prior to acute psychological stress exposure: Impacts on anxiety, performance, and cardiovascular stress reactivity.


*Gruman, H.E., Young, D.A., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Higher childhood exposure to active and passive trauma are associated with blunted cardiovascular stress reactivity.


*Webb, A.M., *Rodenbaugh, L.J., Young, D.A., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Individuals with reported emotional trauma display blunted heart rate responses to stress.


*Anderson, R.H., Tsang, J., **Tyra, A.T., Young, D.A., Williams, S.E., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Trait gratitude is not related to cardiovascular responses to acute psychological stress: Results from two independent studies.


**Tyra, A.T., Williams, S.E., Young, D.A., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Cardiorespiratory fitness and the relationship with perceived anxiety and stress prior to an acute psychological stress task.


*Soto, S., **Tyra, A.T., Young, D.A., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). The effects of perceived stress and stressful life events on cardiovascular reactivity to stress.


**Hurley, P.A., **Tyra, A.T., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Physiological responses to acute psychological stress: The role of behavioral disengagement.


Young, D.A., *Corneil, A.R., *Webb, A.M., *Mishra, A.M., & Ginty, A.T. (2020). Males with high levels of trait anxiety display exaggerated blood pressure responses to stress.


* = undergraduate student, ** = graduate student

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