Meet the New #BaylorENT Prof | Dr. Lee Grumbles


My hope is that students with non-entrepreneurial backgrounds
will take one of my courses and be motivated to start a business.”

-Dr. Lee Grumbles

Who is the new  #BaylorENT prof?
I grew up in Houston, Texas. My wife Lauren and I are the proud parents of twelve-year-old Ethan and nine-year-old Avery. I completed my undergraduate work at Texas A&M. After that, I spent almost twenty years working in the commercial banking and finance industry where I helped new and mature ventures grow by providing them with external capital. During this time, I also earned my MBA from Sam Houston State University as well as a PhD in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.

Why teach?
The opportunity to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs is an experience that can’t be beat.

Why Baylor?
Lauren is a Baylor grad, so I have an affinity to Baylor albeit by proxy. The deciding factor to yes, we’re moving to Waco really comes down to Baylor’s mission to integrate academic excellence and Christian commitment. To work for an employer that openly supports my faith is an unbelievable opportunity.

Thoughts on Waco?
Construction! I suppose that’s the positive side of growth. Seriously though, who knew Waco was surrounded by so many charming communities?  

#BaylorENT in three words or less…go.
Discovering tomorrow, together.

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