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Windows Defender (Anti-Virus)

The campus Microsoft license includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and the change from Symantec to ATP is underway … behind the scenes. Users may begin to see Windows Defender messages.

Folks using Symantec at home may see future renewal prompts; this is your call – to remain with Symantec (at a cost) or to transition to Defender (free with Windows 10). Defender plus Malwarebytes is a recommended combination for home protection.

Mac users: ITS recommends you use the free Sophos home version.

Important to Use the Help Desk

Whenever your computer has a problem, please report it to the Help Desk … your issue may be impacting others and the desk may already have (or need) a quick fix. Also, this documents issues and provides information to help everyone.

Use the HelpDesk!  If it’s not fixed, contact them again!
Call: 4357 (HELP)

InDesign Premiere Incompatibility

An Adobe incompatibility with InDesign and Premiere files is occurring with files created with the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 version (released this week).

InDesign and Premiere files created in the 2019 Adobe Creative Cloud reportedly do not open on the campus public or lab computers. Adobe recently changed to an individual license (subscription) model and they do not yet have an upgrade path for multi-user “community” lab computers (which run an older version).

Please let us know what you find this version impacts other applications. Thank you.


Active Learning Classrooms

Moody 104 launched this year as a 56 seat capacity “Active Learning Space” and is available by reservation. Do we need others?

On Sept 13th, the Provost Classroom Planning Committee will initiate a discussion on the demand for collaborative classrooms – please comment here to discuss ideas or email me (wes_e_johnson) to represent your ideas to this group. Potentially, a few rooms could be developed next summer.

Should we be converting rows of desks to something more collaborative?
What does this look like for you?
Which rooms might be converted? 
(They will lose capacity; maybe 50%)

Ellis Hall; Queens University; licensed under CC 3.0 non-modified; click image link for original

Moody 104 Active Learning Lab

Each term, a few faculty ask for a collaborative, “Active Learning” space; now, the Moody Library has one. Available Fall 2018, this space is by reservation and the designers will consider a few regular classes for upcoming terms.

A floor plan follows and shows 56 seats with tech displays at each table and on room walls. Read more at the Moody 104 web page – the room reservation link is at the bottom of the page. 

(click to enlarge)

Moody 104 is to the left of the main Circulation Desk.

Presentation Ratio

PowerPoint files, and other presentation files, historically used a “Standard 4:3” proportion. University screens use a “Widescreen 16:9” ratio and “Standard” presentations will not use all the screen.Visualize the 4:3 image on top of the 16:9 screen – you will have empty side bars.

Existing files may be changed … in PowerPoint … click the Design tab, then the Slide size button. This may distort your images so they should be saved first and re-inserted, but it is worth the effort to present in full screen.

When creating from scratch, choose widescreen.

Of course, ratio is only one element of good design, other important concepts are font size, readability, creative graphics, very-limited text, et cetera – some folks are pretty good at this and some need help … ask if you need help.

March Technology Notes

Cable TV: We’ve mentioned that changes are coming and we will soon know more, but the gist is … most academic cable feeds will be scrambled this summer. Users wanting to continue cable service will need to purchase a set-top box from the chosen provider. This is expected to be a fairly low monthly cost. More to come.

Code 42 – CrashPlan Pro back-up services are available for all University computers; if users have questions, please call the Helpdesk. Users should be proactive.

April 13th is the deadline for Technology Security Review applications for items needing clearance to purchase in the current fiscal year. Even with this deadline, complex requests may not be completed in time to use fiscal 2018 funds – please submit as early as possible!

April 27th is the deadline for fiscal year 2018 technology purchases. Please contact us with any emergency needs. (NOTE: External grant purchases are typically not subject to this deadline but have their own due dates – usually at the end of the grant. If you do not understand this, please ask for clarification.)

As always, click the gold comment button to ask a question or make a suggestion or comment!