Windows Updates – To Be Expected

Windows users see updates frequently due to the way Microsoft is rolling out improvements to Windows. Often, one update is applied and another follows and, usually, uses can decide when to start the process.

Today I had three restarts required this morning and another this afternoon. This is unusual, but more frequent updates are to be expected. Use the restart period to file paperwork, clean the office desk, or to head to lunch – although most are pretty fast processes!

Java 8 being removed

Java has been included in the base University computer image for years as a free and occasionally-used program. Java is now a subscription product and will soon be removed from University computers.

Java is often bundled in apps and those vendors should be compliant. Other apps require users to have Java and these persons usually have (open source) alternatives.

At this time, we are raising awareness that Java 8 will be going away; anyone needing Java to run applications should contact that vendor or the ITS HelpDesk for alternatives.

RDP Vulnerability

Microsoft discovered a vulnerability in Windows Remote Desktop Services (August 13) and released two patches to correct the issue. Most Baylor assets are automatically patched for these events and, due to the risk of this issue, patches were also pushed to all sensitive computers – their administrators had a couple of days to apply the patch after which time it automatically applied itself.

BibleWorks Ceased Operations

As of June 15, 2018 BibleWorks (BW) ceased providing their Bible software. For our users, this means no further upgrades later than our version 9. Unfortunately, the server housing BibleWorks is due for an upgrade this fall which may break the software we have. If this occurs, BibleWorks will fail on University lab computers.

Aug 23 Update: Unfortunately, the server upgrade did break the BW installer and new BW installations are no longer possible.  🙁

A message went out to key departments with details, if you need to hear more, please contact us.

Windows 7 End-of-life

Microsoft will cease support of their Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020.  Due to security vulnerabilities, computers still running Windows 7 at that time will be taken off the University network.

  • If your Windows 7 computer is funded for replacement, those orders should be made now or in early fall.
  • If you do not have replacement funds, contact ITS Installs for a Windows 10 replacement computer – it will be a few years old.
  • If you need Windows 7 computers to remain on the network, send us the details – to be clear, there is no current solution, but we will take the need to ITS.

Windows Defender (Anti-Virus)

The campus Microsoft license includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and the change from Symantec to ATP is underway … behind the scenes. Users may begin to see Windows Defender messages.

Folks using Symantec at home may see future renewal prompts; this is your call – to remain with Symantec (at a cost) or to transition to Defender (free with Windows 10). Defender plus Malwarebytes is a recommended combination for home protection.

Mac users: ITS recommends you use the free Sophos home version.