A Message to the Baylor Family from Dr. Linda A. Livingstone

Dr. Linda Livingstone

As I think about the future, working together as a Baylor Family, I look forward to doing life together. There will be times when life is difficult and when things don’t go like we want them to and when we don’t agree on things or when we make mistakes. But in those times, as family, we will come together and we will encourage and support one another, we will hold each other accountable and we will learn from those situations. But we will move forward together as a family.

And then we’ll have times when things are going great and really exciting things happen — our students do something amazing in the classroom or in the concert hall or on the court or on the field, or our faculty do something exceptional in the classroom or do some groundbreaking research — and in those times, we will celebrate together and we will experience that joy together as a family.

And we will — through all of that — also have fun together. We will laugh together, and we will also pray and worship together. Because as families that’s what we do — we do life together — through the good and through the bad and through all of what we experience together.

The Livingstone family is thrilled to be rejoining the Baylor Family, and we look forward to doing life together with you in the years ahead.