Research Program Statement

A primary focus of the research efforts of the Pinney Group lies in the total synthesis of structurally challenging and biologically relevant and interesting natural and non-natural products. Specifically, we have a special interest in the design, synthesis, and biochemical evaluation of anti-tumor, anti-mitotic agents that mediate their primary biological activity through a direct binding interaction with tubulin. Additional projects include the discovery and development of new serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, new synthetic methodology for the preparation of conjugated dienes with absolute stereocontrol, and compounds that bind to cruzain and the cathepsins.

 2014-10-09 10.17.08

Brief Overview of Research Projects

    • Molecular Recognition for Protein and Enzyme Binding Sites*
    • Design and Synthesis of New Anti-Tumor, Inhibitors of Tubulin Assembly (Polymerization) *
    • Discovery of Improved Vascular Disrupting Agents for Cancer Chemotherapy*
    • Targeting Tumor Hypoxia with Bioreductively Activated Compounds*
    • Inhibitors of Cathepsin L to Potentially Limit Cancer Metastasis*2014-10-09 10.16.09
    • New Drug Development for the Treatment of Chagas’ Disease*
    • Design and Synthesis of Novel Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors
    • Development of New Synthetic Methodology for the Preparation of Conjugated Dienes with Absolute Stereocontrol

(*Significant Collaboration with The Trawick Research Group, Baylor University)