Are you ready for adventure?

Quick Notes for Baylor in Peru…

  • Priority Application  –  December 1, 2017, see How Do I Apply?
  • Application & Deposit Deadline March 1, 2018
  • Email the director –
  • Application –
  • Business –  the courses offered in Peru satisfy the BBA Communication Option
  • Engineering & Computer Science –  ECS majors can take care of both foreign language credits in one summer session

Are you looking for something completely different for next summer? Would you rather be outside exploring nature or inside, standing in line, hushed by museum staff? Maybe you should join the explorers in Peru next summer.

We’re spending 3 days hiking the rugged Salkantay Trek to mystical Machu Picchu! As if that weren’t enough adventure, we’ll spend an afternoon exploring the ancient Sacsayhuaman citadel, a day hiking the Andean hills above Pisac, another day hiking to see Rainbow Mountain, and 2 days taking in the sights and beauty of Lake Titicaca.

And you’ll learn things too. Everyone will take two different courses:

  1. Option 1
    1. Spanish class (SPA 1401, 1402, 2310, 2320, or 3302)
    2. Writing class (ENG 3378: Travel Writing) where you’ll learn new skills for communicating your ideas and experiences in writing.
  2. Option 2
    1. two Spanish classes (SPA 1401/1402, 1402/2310, or 2310/2320)

Our program fee includes almost everything while in Peru; there are no hidden costs that will leave you stranded while others are travelling. We have group excursions planned for every weekend, with all meals, transportation, tickets, etc. included in the fee you pay upfront.

Instead of sitting at a table in Moody Library for the summer, you’ll get credit for Baylor courses while living in a city where the Incas and Conquistadors struggled for control of a vast empire stretching over 2,500 miles. We’ll live in Cusco, which sits atop the Andean mountain range at 11,000 ft (that’s about base-level for most Colorado ski resorts) – forget about 110 degrees in Texas; we’ll max out around 60-70 degrees!